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European Medicines Agency

EMA working on COVID-19 over holiday period Although the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) offices will be closed from 18:30 on Wednesday 31 March until 07:30 on Tuesday 6 April 2021, remote working is still being enabled. All work related to the COVID-19
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Label2020 – Das neue Energielabel für Elektrogeräte
Neues EU-Energielabel ab März: Vergleich von Geräten wird leichter 28.01.2021 Skala nur noch von A bis G / neues Label nicht für alle Produkte gleichzeitig / Infografik zeigt Unterschiede zwischen altem und neuem Label weiterlesen
Updated EU tyre label to include snow and ice grip information - Tyrepress

Écolabel européen — Wikipédia

Insuffisances du label Les compositions (qualitative et quantitative) de certains produits ne sont pas vérifiées, ils comptent sur la bonne foi des industriels. De plus, des produits contiennent des ingrédients nocifs pour l’environnement alors qu’il existe des [4].
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EU Energy Labeling Regulation Changes will Impact Lighting - News

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Das EU Reifenlabel gibt es seit 2012. Jeder Reifen muss mit diesem Label versehen werden – ebenso wie jedes Haushaltsgerät mit einem EU-Label versehen wird. Das Label wird meist direkt auf die Lauffläche des Reifens geklebt und kann nach dem Kauf
ETRMA backs EU tire labeling changes

Energieverbrauchskennzeichnung – Wikipedia

Verordnung (EU) 2017/1369 Titel: Verordnung (EU) 2017/1369 des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 4. Juli 2017 zur Festlegung eines Rahmens für die Energieverbrauchskennzeichnung und zur Aufhebung der Richtlinie 2010/30/EU Geltungsbereich:
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What is tyre labelling? | Help Centre |
EU Tyre Label Guide
The EU tyre label was designed to help consumers choose the right tyre for their needs, not just their budget. In a similar way to the energy rating labels found on electrical appliances such as fridge freezers, the EU tyre label grades tyres on 3 different factors, on a scale of A-G (A indicating the highest performance through to G indicating the lowest performance).
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Understanding Tyres – EU Tyre Label Explained
 · The EU tyre label provides important information about the safety and environmental aspects of a tyre – wet grip, efficiency and noise. Find out more. What the ratings mean The difference between an A rating and a G rating could mean a reduction in fuel
Size of EU Energy Efficiency Labels
Bridgestone TBR Tyre Label
Bridgestone tyres offer high mileage performance independent of label values. Selecting the right tyre for each application and position will ensure even safer, more economical use. Proper tyre maintenance is essential to maximising tyre performance: Tyre pressure has a …
Eu Energy Labels information and creation
EU Organic Label
EU Organic Label – Basics about the EU Sustainability standard Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 27/10/2016 Bio labels stamp food products which come from a controlled organic farming.
Nicelabel Labelling Eu Regulation – Cuitan Dokter

Making consumer products more durable and easier to …

An EU label to inform consumers better Parliament asks the Commission to consider a “voluntary European label” covering, in particular, the product’s durability, eco-design features, upgradeability in line with technical progress and reparability.
REHVA Journal 02/2013 - Energy Labelling - State of play and conceptions for future

YITH WooCommerce EU Energy Label

New: yith_eu_energy_label shortcode to print EU Energy Label in product pages Update: plugin framework 1.1.3 – Released on 13 June 2018 New: support to WooCommerce 3.4.x New: support to WordPress 4.9.6 Update: Italian language Update: Spanish 1.1
Neues EU-Reifenlabel: Reifen sollen energieeffizienter werden -
Council supports EU-wide animal welfare label
The Council approved conclusions for an EU-wide animal welfare label, highlighting the overarching objective of improving animal welfare for as many food producing animals as possible. Through the approved conclusions, the Council invites the European Commission to submit a proposal on an EU-wide animal welfare label for food produced under animal welfare standards higher than those in EU

EU Ecolabel:Textiles

The EU Ecolabel Regulatory Committee has voted to accept new criteria proposals for textiles labelled to the EU Eco-Label standard. The new criteria replaces the previous decision (2009/567/EC) passed in 2009, and comes into force for at least a four-year period.
Plus. aus. vorbei: Europäische Union reformiert das Energielabel | ENSO-Blog
European Union Wine Label Information
 · European Union Wine Label Information The European Union (EU) is the world’s largest wine economy, with roughly 70% of global production and 60% of global consumption. All 27 EU member states produce wine to some extent, and each has its own language
EU-Energielabel Wäschetrockner | Umweltbundesamt
EU Ecolabel
EU Ecolabel | 1,776 followers on LinkedIn. Established in 1992 and recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence. | Established in 1992, the EU
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