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因此 FP32 峰值效能可以達到 Turing 架構的 2 倍之多,使用 192-bit GDDR6 記憶體架構,且在單一時脈週期下可以執行 128 個 FMA 預算。

NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 cards make counting teraflops …

With this switch, NVIDIA is now counting each SM as containing 128 FP32 cores, rather than the 64 that Turing had. The 3070’s “5,888 cuda cores” are perhaps better described as “2,944 cuda cores,
NVIDIA H100 'Hopper' GPU: Monster Graphics Card With 100 Billion Transistors Across 2 Dies. 43008 CUDA Cores And 48 GB HBM4 Memory

NVIDIA Announces GeForce Ampere RTX 3000 Series …

NVIDIA Announces GeForce Ampere RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards: Over 10000 CUDA Cores. Update 3 by. btarunr. Sep 1st, 2020 09:04 Updated: Sep 2nd, 2020 07:05 Discuss (502 Comments) NVIDIA just announced its new generation GeForce “Ampere” graphics card series. The company is taking a top-to-down approach with this generation, much like “Turing,” by
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 · So, one cuda core is occupied by a thread (of one warp), and the other threads are waiting to get into cuda core for execution –> concurrently? And I have just read that 16 cuda core of each warp scheduler together execute a warp by 2 cycles (16 cores execute 16 threads of each warp by 1 cycle).
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Usando CUDA, le ultime GPU Nvidia diventano in effetti architetture aperte come le CPU. Diversamente dalle CPU, le GPU hanno un’architettura parallela con diversi core, ognuno capace di eseguire centinaia di processi simultaneamente: se un’applicazione è adatta per questo tipo di architettura, la GPU può offrire grandi prestazioni e benefici.
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NVIDIA launches GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with 3584 CUDA cores |
1152 CUDA Cores
 · 1152 CUDA Cores. NVIDIA has officially announced the 3GB version of the GTX 1060 graphics card, and it indeed contains fewer CUDA cores …
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與 GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 和 RTX 3080 同場較勁,CUDA Cores 數目降至 3,840 個,二代 RT Cores 與三代 Tensor Cores,NVIDIA …

CUDA Cores 數量翻倍的原因在於 NVIDIA 調整 INT32 整數運算單元與 FP32 運算單元的數據執行路徑,
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GPU高效能運算環境—CUDA與GPU Cluster介紹

程式設計者可以利用CUDA的C語言擴充 (extension) 直接用C語言寫程式,將於明年 1 月登場,速度以及解析度超出市面上所有最頂級的遊戲顯示卡,讓 INT32 加上 FP32 處理能力,設計資料分配 (data decomposition) 及程式流程將運算工作分配到上千個執行緒 (threads)及圖形處理器中數以百計的計算核心 …
Confirmado: Nvidia Geforce GTX-480 tendrá 480 Cuda Cores
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Cores are the units that actually do the computation within a given processor, and CPUs typically have four, eight, or sixteen cores while GPUs have potentially thousands. There are other technical specifications that matter, but this description is meant to drive the general idea.
Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor comes with 192 cuda-cores. bea

Entry-level Nvidia Turing GPU spotted with 896 CUDA …

That’s a considerable bump to the 768 CUDA Core GTX 1050 Ti, which scores around 84,000, but falls far short of the RTX 2060, which scores 211,876 according to similarly leaked results. We can
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 · According to the GPU-Z screenshot shared by Matthew Smith (T4CFantasy), NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will feature 4,864 CUDA Cores and 8 GB of GDDR6 memory (14 Gbps) on a 256-bit interface. Its base clocks and boost clocks are listed as 1,410 MHz and 1,665 MHz, respectively.
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Both GPUs have 5120 cuda cores where each core can perform up to 1 single precision multiply-accumulate operation (e.g. in fp32: x += y * z) per 1 GPU clock (e.g. Tesla V100 PCIe frequency is 1.38Gz). Each tensor core perform operations on small matrices with size 4×4.
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GeForce RTX 3060 Ti‧RTX 3050 Ti 密絕曝光,容量原先設定 6GB,Ampere 架構再出 …

下一級的 RTX 3060,使用更細面積的 GA106 核心,NVIDIA 或會升級至 12GB。

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 · Figure 1 shows CUDA C++ code and output corresponding to inputs A and B and operations from the example above. The code is executed on two different hardware platforms: an x86-class CPU using SSE in single precision, and an NVIDIA GPU with compute capability 2.0.
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Ampere 架構,NVIDIA GeForce …

CUDA Cores / GPU 2304 5888 Tensor Cores / GPU 288(2nd Gen ) 184(3rd Gen) RT Cores 36(1st Gen) 46(2nd Gen) Texture Units 144 184 ROPs 64 96 GPU Boost Clock 1710MHz 1725MHz Memory Clock 7000MHz 7000MHz Memory 8GB GDDR6
,但為了抗戰 RX 6000 系列全綫型號的 16GB 記憶體規格,An Explanation of CUDA Cores vs Stream Processors - Nerd Techy
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 · a cuda core is just a core on say a cpu, Nvidia calls there cores cuda cores and amd called them stream processors so a 1080 will have 2560 cuda cores, meaning it has 2560 cores. thats a really basic example but don’t get cpu and GPU cores mixed up nope, it has 2560 shaders not cores.
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NVidia Graphics Card Specification Chart
 · of CUDA Cores Size of Power Supply ** Memory Type Memory Interface Width Memory Bandwidth GB/sec Base Clock Speed Boost Clock Speed NOTES GTX Titan 2688 600 Watt DDR5 384 bit 288.5 GB/s 837 MHz 876 MHz 6GB Memory GTX Titan Black
NVIDIA @ ISC 2013: CUDA 5.5 Released & More

Nvidia Quadro M6000 GDDR5 12GB 頂級專業工業 顯示卡 3072 Cuda Cores…

Nvidia Quadro M6000 GDDR5 12GB 市面頂級專業工業 顯示卡 3072 Cuda Cores! 3D繪圖專用 384-bit PCIE 也可打遊戲