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Hong Kong police arrest 289 at protests over election delay | CBC News

Hong Kong: The Sino-British joint declaration …

In preparation for the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, then-British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question
Biden maintains Hong Kong should not get special status

Britain and China Sign Agreement on Hong Kong

According to a Chinese Foreign Ministry account of an 80-minute talk with the British leader, Mr. Deng said China’s self-interest, as well as principle, would insure that the accord was carried Thatcher Arrives in Hong Kong
China says Hong Kong suspends extradition agreement with New Zealand - CNA
Hong Kong: the Joint Declaration
British rule over Hong Kong dates to the 19th century, when Hong Kong island was ceded to Great Britain by China after the first Opium War in 1842. Further territory was added after the second Opium War and in 1898, when Great Britain obtained the New Territories on a 99-year lease.
British Foreign Office was told to size up the risk of Chinese takeover of Hong Kong ahead of 1997. archives show | South China Morning Post

China protests over British Foreign Secretary Jeremy …

This is doomed to fail,” Geng said.On Tuesday Hunt said that the Sino-British Joint Declaration, signed in 1984 and setting out the terms for Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty, was a legally binding agreement “to be honoured … and if it isn’t there will be
Hong Kong’s 13-month battle to cut its bill for the British garrison in last decade of colonial rule | South China Morning Post

Beijing says Sino-British treaty on Hong Kong handover …

Beijing conceded on Saturday that the Sino-British Joint Declaration was legally binding, but insisted the 1984 treaty to enable Hong Kong’s handover to China in 1997 did not give Britain the
China slams British warning over Hong Kong freedoms

The Chinese decision: The Hong Kong Special …

The Chinese decision: The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region suspends the Hong Kong-Canada, Hong Kong-Macao, Hong Kong-British surrender agreement On the 28th, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference.
CNN - Hong Kong - Mar. 4. 1996

China says legally binding Hong Kong handover treaty …

T he agreement established ‘one country, two systems’ for Hong Kong, giving the city freedoms and rights that are not enjoyed on the mainland for 50 years after the 1997 handover. Britain says
Hong Kong security law: What is it and is it worrying? - BBC News
Unequal treaty
Under the terms of that agreement, China paid the British an indemnity, ceded the territory of Hong Kong, and agreed to establish a “fair and reasonable” tariff. Moreover, British merchants, who were previously allowed to trade only at the South China port of Canton ( Guangzhou ), were now to be allowed to trade at five ports (called treaty ports ), including Canton and Shanghai .
Biden maintains Hong Kong should not get special status

Britain Accuses China of Violating Treaty in Hong Kong …

 · BEIJING — Britain has issued its strongest public criticism of China to date over the apparent secretive abduction of a British citizen, Lee Bo, from its former colony, Hong Kong, to the Chinese
Hong Kong shows Taiwan its Future under China - Asian Military Review
Hong Kong
Population Most of Hong Kong’s population is Chinese; either from the surrounding provinces or from families who came to Hong Kong after the Communists took over China in 1949. In the 1970s and 80s thousands of Vietnamese fled their home country after the Vietnam War and came to Hong Kong. and came to Hong Kong.
British Airways’ senior managers and sacked Hong Kong workers reach agreement after tense negotiations | South China Morning Post
The Joint Declaration
Chinese and foreign nationals previously working in the public and police services in the government departments of Hong Kong may remain in employment. British and other foreign nationals may also be employed to serve as advisers or hold certain public posts
China says legally binding Hong Kong handover treaty with Britain has 'no practical significance' - Followcn

Boris Johnson Offers Millions in Hong Kong the …

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned China’s decision to enforce a new national security law on Hong Kong and retaliated with new rules to make it easier for millions
UK's Raab says China's changes in Hong Kong breach Joint Declaration | Reuters
The British colony of Hong Kong is to be returned to China in 1997 after an historic agreement was signed in Peking today. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed the Joint Sino-British Declaration with her Chinese counterpart Zhao Ziyang. It formally seals the
UK's Raab says China's changes in Hong Kong breach Joint Declaration - World - Business Recorder

Hong Kong: Torn between a British past and a Chinese …

Hong Kong became a British colony in the 1840s — and later the United Kingdom signed a 100-year lease with China to also obtain sovereignty over Hong Kong’s surrounding territories in 1898. Fast
China slashes Hong Kong legislature

HKSAR govt deplores Britain’s interference in Hong Kong …

 · The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government said on Thursday that it deplores and opposes the announcement by the British government on providing a pathway for Chinese nationals in Hong Kong who are holders of the British National Overseas (BNO) passport or eligible for it to reside and obtain citizenship in Britain.
U.S. Suspends Bilateral Agreements With Hong Kong. Escalating Tensions With China - The New York Times

Hong Kong sanctions: US sanctions Chinese officials …

 · That agreement, signed in 1984 by the UK and China, outlines the terms of Hong Kong’s autonomy from mainland China until 2047 under the principle of “one country, two systems.”
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China’s warning to UK over Hong Kong: ‘No country has …

China’s warning to UK over Hong Kong: ‘No country has the right to intervene’ The UK has rejected China’s claim that the violent protests in Hong Kong, a former British colony, was a ‘domestic issue’.