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Bacterial diseases of marine fish
The principal bacterial diseases found among wild and cultured marine fish are reviewed. The bacterial agents discussed include the Gram-negative pathogens in the Vibrio, Aeromonas, Pasteurella and Edwardsiella genera, Renibacterium salmoninarum and the myxobacteria, streptococci, mycobacteria, nocardias and anaerobic organisms which have been associated with fish diseases.
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Bacterial Diseases of Fish
Bacterial Diseases of Fish by Robert B. Moeller Jr., DVM California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System University of California Aeromonas hydrophila (Bacterial Hemorrhagic Septicemia) Gram negative motile rods Effects many freshwater species
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Most Common Bacterial Infections in Fish
While there are numerous infections and diseases that your fish could be suffering from, we have put together an informational list of the most common bacterial infections in fish. Hopefully, this will help you treat your fish if they are sick or prevent them from ever suffering from these infections in the first place.
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Bacterial Infections and Diseases
Bacterial fish diseases and infections are very common in fish keeping and are probably one of the hardest health problems to deal with effectively. However, with a basic understanding of how bacteria cause disease and how to recognize bacterial infections it is possible to deal successfully with the majority of problems.
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Review of Bacterial Diseases of Aquarium Fish
 · Bacterial diseases can be a cause of high mortality in aquarium fish. There are members of at least 25 bacterial genera which have been implicated as possible causative agents of bacterial disease in fish, (1) most of which are Gram-negative aerobes or facultative anaerobes (2).
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Fish living in the wild as well as reared in the aquaculture facilities are susceptible to infectious diseases caused by a phylogenetically diverse collection of bacterial pathogens. Control and treatment options using vaccines and drugs are either inadequate, inefficient, or impracticable. The classical approach in studying fish bacterial pathogens has been looking at individual or few
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Diseased fish show a variety of external signs that range from ulcers, exophthalmia and emaciation to lethargy, visible granulomas or no signs at all. The course of disease is typically chronic, although acute mortalities have been reported.
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Bacterial diseases in Fish
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Fish diseases*
 · PDF 檔案Four round table discussions dealt respectively with viral diseases, bacterial diseases, emerging problems and approaches, and marine fish diseases. From 1975, three Sessions of this Programme were held at two-year inter vals in Yugoslavia, France and the
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Edwardsiellosis, a bacterial septicaemia caused by the Gram-negative bacterium Edwardsiella tarda, is one of the most serious bacterial diseases in cultured eels []. So, in a study with European eel ( Anguilla anguilla ), dietary administration with Enterococcus faecium SF68 from Cernivet ® and Bacillus toyoi from Toyocerin ® for 2 weeks was followed by challenge with Edwardsiella tarda
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Bacterial Diseases of Cultured Marine Fish in Japan

 · PDF 檔案Bacterial diseases of marine fish in Japan 223 Table 4. Drugs licensed for fisheries use in Japan (syn. Vibrio anguillarum) infection in red sea bream, tiger puffer and olive flounder and Vibrio spp. infec tions in various marine fishes cause serious
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Once one fish in your tank contracts a bacterial infection it may not be long before it spreads to your other tank inhabitants. For this reason, it is wise to cultivate a basic understanding of common bacterial infections in aquarium fish so you will be equipped to recognize the …
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Bacterial Kidney Disease – an overview
Bacterial Kidney Disease BKD is one of the most prevalent diseases of cultured salmonids (Fryer and Sanders, 1981) and, in spite of its economic importance, there are limited effective methods for controlling BKD (Kaatari et al., 1989). From: Fish Physiology, 1996
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Academics in Fish bacterial Diseases
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 · PDF 檔案understand bacterial diseases of fish, one must understand the relationship of bacteria with their host and with their environment. As in all animal production systems, bacterial disease is one of the major prob-lems facing production, development and expansion
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Common Freshwater Aquarium Fish Diseases
 · Most bacterial infections in fish are secondary to other primary stressors. Typical causes of chronic stress include poor water quality, overcrowding, and inappropriate diet. The most common aquatic bacterial infections are caused by Aeromonas, Vibrio, Edwardsiella, Psuedomonas and Flavobacterium spp.
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List of aquarium diseases
The following is a list of aquarium diseases. Aquarium fish are often susceptible to numerous diseases, due to the artificially limited and concentrated environment. New fish can sometimes introduce diseases to aquaria, and these can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Most fish diseases are also aggravated when the fish is stressed. Common
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